Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cooking with Kathy...

Yes, cheesy, I know.
I've decided to blog about my cooking.
This blog will be my musings about what I am cooking in my kitchen.
This week, I made fresh, whole milk ricotta, then made gnocchi for the first time, using the ricotta. I served it in a butter/garlic sauce the first night, with pork cutlets and carrots. Tonight, I warmed them in more butter, served with a quick tomato sauce, and a sort of chicken parmesan. For the tomato sauce, I minced carrots, garlic, and onion in a mini processor, then browned it in a small amount of canola oil. Then I added some leftover tomato paste that I needed to use up, caramelized that. Deglazed with some water, then added a can (yes, a can) of 4 cheese spaghetti sauce. You know the one. More than like you will find it on the bottom shelf for $1.29, .99 on sale.

The chicken breasts were seasoned with salt and pepper and some dried italian seasoning. i dredged them in flour, browned them and put them on an oven-roof plate, put them in the oven to finish cooking. Towards the end, i put a handful of shredded Italian cheese on each breast, then sprinkled grated parmesan on top. I took them out of the oven when the cheese was golden and bubbly.

I also made bread to go with dinner. I just made a lean dough, formed it into a fat baguette. I used it to make garlic/parmesan toast. I also started a NY Times loaf, it's one that uses very little yeast, is left on the counter in a large bowl for 18 hours. Very little handlng, will be formed into a round loaf in the morning, raise for two hours, then turn into a hot dutch oven to cook. It is to resemble an "artisan" style loaf, close to La Brea, I think.

So, that's what's been cooking in my kitchen this weekend...

When I figure out how to post pics, I'll get some up.

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