Sunday, July 5, 2009

Breakfast Biscuits

A very simple dish, flaky biscuits, cooked meat (sausage this time), and cheese. Oh yeah, melted butter over the top. The original recipe called for Worcestershire sauce, and a bit of hot sauce. But, it was just too salty, too much. One can certainly omit the butter. Bake. When one is making breakfast for folks that like to sleep late, these can be made and be ready whenever. I just leave them on the counter and they disappear! One can also make these for weekday breakfasts on the go, easy to wrap, refrigerate, reheat (to proper temp, always!), grab and out the door. I've also made these with ham and bacon.


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  2. Wow Kathy - thanks for posting these. I make a somewhat similar breakfast sandwich but it is only easy to make one, making many takes time so this is good to know!

    Your other recipes look really good too!