Friday, February 20, 2009

Corn Chowder with Bacon and Roasted Chilies

This is really more of a description than a recipe. Adjust seasoning, amounts, to suit your desired taste.
I simmered 2 ears of sweet corn (frozen from the depths of my freezer) in salted water, then cut the kernels from the cob. I put everything, cobs (can further scrape), and kernels back into the pot and simmered some more, reducing the liquid. Strain the "corn water" and discard the cobs and kernels. Reserve liquid.
Roast 2 pablanos, dice. reserve.
Saute diced/sliced bacon, (If one uses slab, dice), add onions, diced celery, saute just until they start to turn golden. Add diced, roasted chilies. Add chili powder. I use one that I custom made from a couple of kinds of dried chilies that I ground, adding cumin, and other spices. Continue to saute until the aroma is present. Add flour to make a roux (keep the rendered bacon fat in the pan).Cook until slightly colored. Add corn water, chicken stock. Add diced potatoes, frozen corn kernels, cook until tender. Salt and Pepper to taste. Finish with cream.

Tomatilla Cream
Puree tomatillos with a jalapeno pepper, bunch cilantro. Whip heavy cream, fold in green sauce. Salt to taste. Dollop on soup, sprinkle with some crisp bacon, cilantro leaf.


  1. Hey Kath,

    Can you substitute evaporated milk instead of heavy cream or would it change the consistency too much? And, I assume you're using fresh tomatillos not canned for the tomatilla cream?

    Brenda Hathaway

  2. Yes, using evaporated skim milk would reduce calories and fat content. It is also something one can keep in the pantry and have on hand. I would probably use it. I made this in class where we use lots of butter, cream, etc...
    The tomatillas were fresh, but one can get them canned whole. I think you could use those, too. Using the fresh product has a "greener" taste. One could also go with a roasted chipotle, and go with a rosier, smokier flavor and color, garnish with smoke dried tomatoes.

  3. Also, one could use a smoked, Spanish style chorizo, cubed, as the meat, rendering out the fat, then adding the onions, etc. One could even skip the meat completely, use a good oil to saute and make your roux.
    Depending on what's in your pantry, and freezer, there are lots of variations.

  4. I always have evaporated skim milk in the pantry. I am concerned about fat calories yet I don't want to sacrifice flavor. I have made a variation of the corn chowder using jumbo shrimp instead of bacon. I used cayenne pepper along with hot salsa, omitting the tomatillas. I'm going to try it with your ingredients.