Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stuffed Peppers

Broiled the pasilla peppers until charred, placed in a bag, sealed it, let them steam. When cool enough to handle, rubbed off the skin, and carefully cut the stem out, lifting out the seeds.
Stuffing: cooked ground beef, diced onion, green chilies, chopped green olives, cooked brown rice, chopped dried apricot, diced serrano chili, variety of blended grated cheese (Mexican, Italian), cumin.
Stuffed the chilies, put in the cast iron skillet, baked. Top with more cheese halfway through.
Served with a tomato-based sauce: tomato sauce (leftover, in freezer, crushed tomatoes, onion, green pepper), dried green chili powder, paprika (smoked and sweet), cumin.

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