Sunday, October 4, 2009

Roast Chicken

Chicken on sale, wing tips, neck, and veggies in a stock pot, cover with cold water, simmer. I use this stock to make gravy.
Compound butter: butter, poultry seasoning, salt and pepper. Put this butter under the skin of the chicken, right on top of the breast meat. It will melt throughout the chicken as it roasts, imparting a wonderful flavor.
More seasoning on top of the bird.
Make an aluminum foil ring for the bird to sit on, allowing the fat to drip down into the pan.
Stuff the inside of the bird with more celery, onion, and carrots.
Roast to 180 degrees, use an instant read thermometer. Let it rest when it comes out of the oven, long enough to make the gravy from the drippings and get the rest of the meal on the table.
Carve and serve.
Put the carcass and any other bones (especially the wings) back into the stock pot, along with the vegetables from the inside. Cover with more cold water, simmer. This makes a great stock! Refrigerate, the fat will rise to the top and solidify. Remove and strain the stock. Put it into ice cube trays to freeze, then put into storage bags, return to freezer. Take out a cube or two as needed.

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