Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Drink Mixes: Mocha, Russian Tea

One can go online and find lots of recipes, that's what I did. I followed a basic recipe, then added my own twist.
2 cups instant coffee
1/4 cup cocoa (I used a dark baking cocoa)
2 cups sugar
4 cups powdered milk
1 cup hazelnut creamer, powdered (one of the small containers, store brand, whatever flavor you like)
1/2 regular creamer, powdered (or more of the flavored stuff, to taste, really)
One could put in the blender of food processor to get the granules smaller and of uniform size. (I didn't do that)

Russian Tea
Pretty much an equal mix of Tang and Country Time Lemonade. With some instant tea. Season with cinnamon and cloves. Other spices, if you like: allspice, nutmeg. If you like more lemony, use more lemonade, if you like it more on the orange side, well, add more Tang. Simple.

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