Saturday, September 3, 2011

Quinoa Vegetable Salad

Using the bounty from a neighbor's garden, I made a cooler friendly, picnic salad. I simmered 1 cup quionoa (rinsed), with 2 cups water, and some salt. When the grain was al dente (still a bit chewy), I took the lid off, and let the rest of the moisture evaporate. I tossed it with a tablespoon or so of Meyer Lemon Olive Oil (Queen Creek). When cool, tossed it with diced zucchini, red onion, halved small cherry tomatoes, minced fresh oregano and cilantro, and a few dashes of lime juice. I put it in individual serving plastic containers, and will have in a cooler. Perfect for a picnic later.

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  1. Using Quinoa instead the usual cous cous for this delicious healthy salad is a great idea.