Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mexican Feast (made simple)

I recently made a Mexican feast, and it was yummy! Using simple ingredients, and having a coupe of meats and sauces really made for some variety in plating. Here's what I did:
Taco meat- just burger and a packet of seasoning
Pork Carnitas- pork stew meat (reduced cooking time), seasoned with cumin seed and smoked paprika; braised, put in oven to finish and caramelize.
Red sauce- can of Mexican red enchilada sauce, but "fried" it in oil. Put some oil in a pan, added smoked and regular paprika, then dumped in the sauce. The smoked paprika really added depth to the flavor.
Green sauce- sauteed onion, green chilies, tomatillos, cilantro: pureed in a blender.
I served it with green lettuce and canned, refried beans (with a spoon of each sauce, and butter added), corn and flour tortillas, cheddar cheese. I topped my enchiladas with a mixture of cilantro, red onion, and lemon juice.
My husband made a smothered burrito with his, I made enchiladas, one beef, one pork. I made a pan of enchiladas with the leftovers, using the hamburger and red sauce, with cheddar. We had it with Mexican rice (yep, from a box, the San Fransisco treat...). I may combine the pork and green sauce in a slow cooker and serve it with the leftover enchiladas tonight.

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