Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dried Fruit

We've had a dehydrator for awhile, and other than my husband using it to dry some food for his backpacking trips, we've never used it. Came home from vacation to find some cherries in the fridge that our daughter bought, she's out of town and I figured they'd go bad by the time she gets back, so.....
I got some blueberries on sale, along with some strawberries. And heck, those bananas sitting on the counter were crying out for attention. I sliced them and let them sit in lemon juice for a bit. I dragged my husband to the mall and bought a cherry pitter, great investment. After pitting the cherries, I sliced them in half. For the blueberries, I tossed them in some boiling water for a minute, drained them, then put them on the dryer racks. We bought a couple of mesh screens for the dryer. We've had cool evenings so ran the dehydrator overnight. It took about 12 hours.

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