Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bite O'Cherry Pie

Put pitted cherries in the bowl of a food processor; add sugar, cornstarch, some allspice, nutmeg, and vanilla. Plus to rough chop.
I also made the pie crust in advance, using 2 parts flour to one part butter, and egg yolk, some salt, and ice cold water. I used the largest biscuit cutter to make the rounds, fits perfectly in a mini-muffin pan.
Put filling in crusts, top with a crumb mixture. I had some in the freezer, leftover, was an oatmeal/wheat germ/butter/brown sugar blend.
Bake in a hot oven, about 20 minutes.

Mac-n-Cheese 2

Used Velveeta (yep), half-n-half, a couple slices of sharp white cheddar. Melted it together and seasoned it with a blend of poultry seasoning, squirt of mustard, pepper, pepper. Would also be good with a chili powder/smoked paprika seasoning blend.
Add the melted cheese to the cooked and drained macaroni.
I topped it with a combination of oatmeal, cornflakes, and wheat germ, seasoned with a poultry seasoning blend, pepper, put in a processor with butter (yep.)
I was good and only had one piece. Fed it to my growing children (ages 22 and 26, they can afford the calories!)
Of course, great with kielbasa of your choice, ours is beef.

Chicken Broth

I took the carcass left from pulling the meat off the bones of a store-bought rotisserie chicken. Covered with water, cleaned out my vegetable drawer by tossing in some mini carrots, limp celery, onion ends. Simmered. Strained, refrigerated, defatted, and used to make soup the next day.

Easy Chicken Alfredo Pizza


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lavender Panna Cotta

I looked up several recipes on the 'net, this is what I did;
In a saucepan, put a quart half-n-half, half-pint whipping cream. Put in some lavender, I had some growing in my garden, had cut it earlier and dried it on a screen. I crushed some, and left some whole. I brought it to a boil, steeped the lavender a bit.
While the cream was heating up, I put two .25 oz packets of gelatin into a cup of milk, let it soften.
After the cream steeped, I brought it just up to a boil again, then strained it into a bowl, adding the milk/gelatin mixture, and a teaspoon or so of vanilla (almond would work, too).
Let set until it cools a bit, then refrigerate. One can make individual molds or one large mold for a platter.
I served it with fruit:
Frozen berries, sugar, brandy.
Very "floral" tasting.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ricotta Whole Wheat Pancakes

More leftovers: some whole wheat pancake mix, but not enough for a full batch. So added some white whole wheat flour, baking powder, baking soda. In a blender, I put a couple of cups of fresh ricotta (milk was on sale, $1/gal), 4 eggs, cup and a half of milk. Blended it together, then added the dry ingredients just until mixed.
I let it sit for awhile, then made pancakes. I use a cast iron griddle.
Served with real butter, maple syrup, fried eggs, farmers bacon, juice, and coffee.

Enchilada Casserole

Easy. Can of enchilada sauce. Leftover taco meat. Crumbled Cojita and fresh ricotta w/egg. Corn tortillas.
Put some sauce in the bottom of a casserole pan (I used the smaller pyrex cake pan), cut tortillas in half, and lay cut side towards the straight edge of the pan. Dip each half in sauce before layering. (Or use the same size souffle dish as the tortillas and no need to cut or piece to cover).
Mix meat, cheese, and an egg. Put in a layer over the tortillas. One could leave it there (like I did), or continue with other layers like beans, more cheese/meat, etc.
Top with a layer of tortillas, cover and bake. About half way through, take cover off, add a bit more sauce, if needed, and cheese. I used a pepperjack cheese.
This easily cuts into squares. I served it with beans (spread on a plate, in the middle pour some green enchilada sauce, heat, then top with cheese), and leafy lettuce.

July Garden

On Vacation: Mom's Rhubarb Pie

Nope, no recipe, just a rhubarb pie with eggs...
Thanks, Mom, it was delicious!