Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quiche Alsacienne

Crust: I use the one on the inside back cover of my red and white checked cookbook... you know the one! I used butter, and a bit more water (because I just don't want to deal with a dry, crumbly dough!)
Blind bake just a bit, hence the foil and beans... It helps keep the crust from becoming soggy.
Filling: brown onion (that makes it a "Alascienne"), added chopped (leftover) bacon, love Farmer's brand.
Place some diced or grated Swiss cheese (I diced some slided Swiss), in the bottom of the pie, some bacon/onion, more cheese, more bacon/onion.
Eggs: I used 4 eggs and some half-n-half, seasoned with pepper and a sprinkle of nutmeng. Pour over filling. Bake. I baked it at 400 because I had an apple pie in the oven, too.


  1. Mmmmm! Looks so good! Your making me very hungry. I may have to have quiche soon! I love this recipe. We always add chopped artichokes to this same recipe and it is delicious!