Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Turkey and Rice Chimichangas

These were made with leftovers from pulled turkey tacos we had a couple of nights ago. The turkey was roasted with spices, then meat was removed from the bone. Then it was in a slow cooker with more seasoning and a small can of diced green chilies.
The rice is a short-grain brown rice, Lundberg. I cooked it simply in the rice cooker, with some of the turkey cooking liquid added.
The shells were on sale, the raw kind that need to be cooked first. I went ahead and cooked the whole package when we had tacos earlier. So, had these on had to use.
The green chili was really plain and simple. It was just turkey broth (that I had reduced and had in the freezer from when I cooked the turkey last week) and a good amount (tablespoon, heaping?) of dried green chile powder, and the rest of an almost empty bottle of La Victoria green sauce.
Simply combined the turkey and rice, put some in a heated tortilla, rolled it up (bottom up, sides in, then roll), secured with wooden skewers, fried in canola oil until golden. Then put into the oven to heat through. They can be held quite a while at this point.
Served with green chile, cheese, sliced cabbage.

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