Saturday, November 3, 2012

Surf-n-Turf: Porterhouse & Shrimp

This was Friday night date night dinner. I served the steak and shrimp with a cheese fondue sauce, peas, and mashed potatoes with bacon and cheddar.
My brother sent a gift of four porterhouse steaks. We figured one would do for a meal.
I picked up some very large shrimp at the store. They were cleaned and the shells were split for easy removal. I marinated them in olive oil, paprika, ancho chili powder, chili powder, and pepper
It was a beautiful evening, so we grilled. Can't believe it's November!
The steak was started over the coals, then after searing on both sides, it was moved to the other side of the grill to cook over indirect heat.
The grill was covered during cooking time.
When it reached 130F, we took it off the grill, covered it with foil, and it rested on the counter inside while the shrimp cooked.
When the shrimp was done cooking, the meat was ready to slice.
Marshmallows for dessert!

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