Monday, August 10, 2009

Starbuck Chocolate Cake

This recipe is in an old church cookbook from Starbuck, MN. It was submitted by Mrs. Nels Martinson. It was back in the day when a married woman went by her husband's name, not just the last name, but the first name as well. In this cookbook, recipes were submitted by many a "Mrs. First Last" name of the husband. There are several that were submitted by women using their own names, but without "Mrs." It is dated 1950.
On to the cake...
I followed the directions, but used a pyrex cake pan 9 x 13. I also remembered that I was out of vanilla, so used Grand Marnier instead. During baking, I checked it at 30 minutes, and without thinking, pulled the rack out of the oven to get a better look. The whole center of the cake was still quite liquid. I knew immediately that it would fall. It did. But, it makes for a nice brownie-like center to the cake. It is very chocolate-y!


  1. I love your photos Kathy! I am like you and love to get old cookbooks where the recipes are from real people. I shall try out this recipe this weekend !

  2. Thanks! I just use a Canon Sure Shot, just point and shoot for the most part.
    I love these old cookbooks, especially when the previous owner marks recipes "good," or otherwise!! The advertisements in some of these books are interesting, especially the telephone numbers, just a few digits.