Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Penne Casserole

Really easy! Brown Italian sausage, add onion and diced zucchini. Cook penne al dente, combine with sausage, a jar of sun-dried tomato alfredo sauce, can of tomato sauce (a larger can of crushed tomatoes would be good, too), top with cheese mixture. Bake.
Cheese mixture: ricotta cheese, 2 eggs, Italian blend shredded cheese, parmesan, chopped, cooked swiss chard, garlic powder, Italian seasoning.
I use a "healthy" pasta, and low fat ricotta. One could also use a low fat sauce.
If you make it in advance, you might want to cook the pasta a little less, and then use the larger can of crushed tomatoes. The pasta will absorb liquid as it sits.

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