Sunday, May 13, 2012

Brown & Wild Rice Cheddar Burgers

These were made for a vegetarian option at graduation party we held for two of our children over the weekend. They are not vegan.
Incredibly easy: Cook short-grain brown rice (I used Lundgren, a great California rice), I used my small rice cooker. In a separate pan, I cooked some wild rice. I brought it to a boil, covered with water. Then, I drained it, added fresh water, brought to a boil again, boiled it a bit, then drained, and added fresh water to cover (and then some), and simmered until the wild rice has "popped." Drain, if any water is left.
Minced mushrooms are easy with a food processor. They were coked until browned; that takes awhile as there is quite a bit of moisture in them.
I cooked the rice the night before. In a bowl, I put the cooked rice, some dried onion, a couple of eggs, salt and pepper, worcestershire sauce, browned mushrooms, and grated sharp cheddar cheese.
I formed them into patties, put them on a oiled, foil-lined pan, seasoned the tops with Montreal Steak seasoning. Baked.
I made then several days in advance, freezing them in a single layer on waxed paper until frozen. Then put them is a baggie. A few minutes before reheating on a grill, I took them out of the freezer. I placed them on a disposable perforated aluminum grill pan, put them on the grill, covered, until heated through.

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