Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stir Fry Supper

When I asked my daughter what she wanted for a birthday meal, I expected her to ask for some kind of pasta and cheese... well, she surprised me! She wanted something "Asian." She has become a vegetarian, to boot! So, I gathered up a bunch of ingredients and put them together. Spicy beef, noodles with sesame, peanut butter, and scallions, mixed veggies, stir fry tofu, broccoli, and fried rice. I prepped red and green peppers, scallions, carrots (minced shredded carrots for the rice), snow peas, tofu, broccoli (florets and the stems- peeled, julienned), sliced water chestnuts, Chinese cabbage, celery, sirloin, garlic. I used 5 spice powder, soy sauce, chili sauce, ginger root, toasted sesame oil, rice vinegar, brown sugar (for the beef).

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