Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Flank Steak

Touchstone Angus from Lusk, Wy.... mmmmmmmmmmm! Grass-fed, all natural.
I've got a flank steak marinating in balsamic vinegar, store brand steak sauce, you know, the kind with the number on it. Added a bit of oil, too. I'll pan sear, then maybe finish it in the oven, using a cast iron pan.
Potatoes are peeled and cut up, will toss with oil and seasonings... not sure what yet. I'll roast those in the oven.
Not sure what veggie to have with it. Something easy. We are playing Irish music tonight at a coffee shop, so will eat on the early side.

p.s. It was good! I like it well-done (I know...), and my husband likes it medium well. So, it turned out perfectly!

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