Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Touchstone Black Angus, grass fed, all-natural beef; chuck steak. This is a slow cooked, braised dish.

Beef broth/stock from earlier, defatted.
Leftover red wine... merlot.
Seasoned with and Italian salt (thanks, KK for the Christmas present!), pepper, "spicy steak" store-brand grill seasoning, dried roasted red pepper/garlic seasoning.

Season the meat, brown well. Add stock water, wine. Cover with foil, braise in the oven for a couple of hours.
Take steak out, put on a platter, cover with foil, keep warm. Reduced liquid in the pan I used a really big cast iron pan), add flour, stir with a whisk. Drain the water from boiling potatoes into the pan, add water as needed. Stir to get the lumps out (when faced with lumpy gravy, use your immersion blender to smooth it out). Let thicken/reduce.
Served with aforementioned potatoes, mashed on the plate, with gravy, side of corn.

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