Saturday, January 8, 2011

and more pizza....

Whole wheat crust, used about half Hungarian High Altitude flour and half unbleached AAP. Used water, olive oil, sugar, salt, flour in the crust. While it was rising, we went skiing...
I rolled/stretched the crusts, docked them with a fork, put olive oil on top and baked until partway done, no color on the dough.
For the sauce, I ground some fennel, and roasted pepper/garlic seasoning, put it in a saucepan with olive oil. Added some smoked paprika, and a can of tomato sauce. Added lots of oregano, and some rosemary. I let it simmer until thick.One pizza was just salami, Italian sausage, green pepper, cheese. I made another one adding the rest of the Hickory Farms cheese spread, and bacon bits (along with some sausage, salami, gr. peppers, and mozzarella).
I made a couple of small, no meat pizzas, too. Pesto/cheese, pesto/red sauce/cheese, and red sauce/cheese. I did not pre-bake the small crusts, but took them off the pan partway through to place directly on the rack.
Bake directly on the rack for a crisp crust. Hot oven 44F, convection.

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