Thursday, January 5, 2012

Baked Brie with Nuts & Honey

This is so amazingly simple. Yes, amazingly. First, take the brie out of the fridge ahead of time, then wrap in crescent dough. You can get the kind that is made for recipes, one large rectangle.
I scraped a bit of the rind off the top.
Topped it with a nut blend: macadamia, pecan, and almond. I used a salted cocktail-type nut. It's what they had at Menard's. Yep, the hardware store. We put in a new floor in the living room over the holidays, and spent a bit of time at the hardware stores. It saved a trip to the grocery store.
Drizzled with honey, then wrapped it with the dough.
One could make seams instead of overlapping the dough, cutting off the extra, then do something clever like make leaves or something.
I didn't do that. I made a bundle.
When it comes out of the oven, brush it with butter.
Let it sit for a bit before cutting into it. We waited as long as we could.

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  1. It's Wednesday- I'm going to try this tomorrow- It will be an easy little bite to take the edge off since we'll have dinner late. We don't have a Menard's here... will have to make do w/similar nuts. I think I'm going to add some craisins for fun.