Saturday, January 7, 2012

Easy Mini Quiche

Using up leftovers, I made these mini-quiches this morning for breakfast. They are something that can be eaten right away, or stashed in the fridge and ready whenever.
I rolled out white bread slices, then cut them into rounds using my biscuit cutter. I spread one side with butter, then fit them into the nonstick mini-muffin tin.
Using up more leftovers, I finely diced cooked bacon, red pepper, and onion. They were briefly sauteed to soften. After they cooled to room temp, I spooned them into the shells.
Topped with cheese (had some leftover grated cheddar in the fridge).
Then I spooned egg, beaten with milk, salt, and pepper, into each. Allow the egg to settle, they will hold more than you think.
I baked these at 350F, convection, for about 10 minutes. That's what they were set for, and the buzzer went off and I didn't hear it. So maybe 11 minutes.
A good-sized 2-bite quiche.

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