Saturday, November 6, 2010

Short Ribs 2

I'm using Touchstone Angus from Lusk... mmmmm!
Seasoned the meat with pepper, garlic/bell pepper seasoning, paprika. Browned them. Put them in the slow cooker. Tossed out excess (canola) oil from the cast iron pan. Added madiera to deglaze, poured that on top of ribs. Added a small can of tomato paste (it's what I had, if it was a can of tomato sauce, or crushed tomatoes, it would have been that), with two cans of water (to rinse out can) Tucked in a bay leaf.
It is a sunny fall day. The wind is picking up, naturally, but looks to be unusually warm, close to 70 degrees. We are going out to the lake with our dog later this afternoon. We'll have the ribs when we get back... hmmmm, just thinking that a nice loaf of home made bread would be good with that.
Back to the kitchen...

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