Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kielbasa Biscuit and Gravy

What to make for breakfast.... I had a kielbasa, so made a biscuit dough using some boxed baking mix (gasp), cream, and milk. I rolled it out on a board with lots of white whole wheat flour. I cut the sausage into thirds, and precooked it in a pan on the stove while making the dough. When done, I let them cool. Then wrapped each section in dough, cut each piece again into thirds. Then brushed cream on them. Baked in a hot oven, 385F convection, for about 15 minutes? (Until done, I forgot to look at the clock).
For the gravy, just a bechamel made with butter and bacon grease (had that on hand in the fridge), added Wheat Montana Prairie Gold flour to make a roux, cooked it a bit, then added milk and cream. Seasoned it with pepper, ancho chili powder, thyme, sage, a bay leaf, black pepper, and salt. Cooked it until it loses the flour taste.


Should have gotten OJ when we were out and about yesterday, would be great with this right now.

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