Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mozart Cake

Make three cakes:
Yellow cake w/ground almonds, almond extract, additional flour.
White cake made with pistachio pudding added (lots of recipes on the internet, calls for 7-Up as it's liquid)
Chocolate cake with ground hazelnuts, vanilla extract, extra flour.

To the almond and chocolate cakes, I added 1/2 cup white whole wheat flour and 1/2 - 1 cup ground nuts.

(There really isn't enough batter for two 9-inch layers, so I poured about 2/3 of batter into one pan, 1/3 into the other. I split the taller layer. So.... this made 3 finished cakes, 2 using cut layers, and one taller cake using the shorter layers that I didn't split.)

Bake cakes, cool completely. May be done the day before.

Split cakes, drizzle with a glaze made from apricot jam (or apple) for the pistachio and almond layers, raspberry for the chocolate. Add some corn syrup to the jam, a bit of water (not much), liquify. I put it on warm so it soaks a bit into the cake.

When the jam has toatlly cooled and set on the cakes (refrigerate), layer, with chocolate buttercream between the layers. Yes, I used canned "creamy chocolate" frosting.

I spread more jam on the sides of the cake. Then refrigerate.

Cover with ganache: 2 cups hot cream poured over a bag of dark chocolate chips, and a bag of milk chocolate. Let it sit, then stir. Pour over the cake, using a spatula on the sides as needed.


Post Script:
I made the original cake as a trial run, made them again yesterday. Changes included less flour added to each mix, and I used most of each cake's batter in one 9-inch cake pan. It made a nice layer that split well. I used an apple jelly, added vanilla, so ended up with a smooth glaze over each split layer. Then, instead of a jam glaze all over (I did put a thin layer on top of each cake), I used a thin, crumb coat of frosting. The cakes were chilled well before pouring the ganache.
I also used more nuts, and processed them in my regular processor which did a better job. For the original cake, I used a small processor which really didn't get the nuts as fine as I wanted.

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