Thursday, November 10, 2011

Corn Chowder

Here's how I did it:

Saute pork, add celery, red pepper, onion; cook until starting to brown. Add potatoes and corn. Cover with water and cook until potatoes are tender. I seasoned it with salt, pepper, and thyme. You can keep it chunky or puree. I went with a "chunky puree." Add heavy cream (or canned milk, or half-n-half). Heat through.

I added a small spoon of each of the potted seafood I made earlier. It would be good with a spoon of chipotle, or roasted green chilies, too. It's a basic recipe that could be changed or added to.... maybe bacon instead of side pork, maybe green pepper instead of red.
You get the idea.


  1. I can't do pork well. Substitutes?

  2. You wouldn't even need to use meat. Just saute veggies in olive oil.

  3. Sounds good. Thanks. :-D